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Template of Standard Business Cover Letter

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Dear Mr. or Ms. ……

Paragraph 1: State the position you are applying for and how you learned about the opening. If you have a personal contact, family member or other contact at the organization, you can mention it.  Mention (briefly) why you are interested in this position.

Paragraph 2: Explain the skills and experiences you have, that will make you successful in the position. Explain how your academic background and your professional experience make you a well-qualified candidate. If you have some practical work experience, point out your specific achievements and unique qualifications. You do not have to have directly related experience but think about the skills you have gained throughout your professional life and how those could relate to the duties of the position you are applying for. Youe goal should be to make the potential employer want to learn more, which will lead him/her to your CV.

Paragraph 3: Demonstrate that you have done some research about this organization. Search the company’s website, look in industry periodicals and talk to any contact that might give you inside information. Show that you have taken some time to think about this position and put some effort into this letter.

Paragraph 4:
Indicate your desire for a personal interview to further discuss this opportunity and make sure that you include your telephone number and any special instructions to reach you. Write that you will follow up with a telephone call on a specific date at a specific time and then make sure that you do so! Mention the enclosed CV. Finish by thanking them for their attention and express a desire to meet them sometime in the near future

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