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Business Gateway

The International Hellenic University Business Gateway ( aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The I.H.U is devoted to the dissemination of innovative scientific knowledge to local, national and international business organisations. The Business Gateway enables employers to collaborate and network with our staff, students and alumni; they can locate and reach the right candidates for their vacancies or post queries for collaboration. Through an open database of student and alumni profiles, theses, dissertations, research products and services, employers are able to locate scientific expertise according to their needs. In addition, students can find vacancies and internships, create a networking community and build the foundations for a successful career with strong collaborations and friendships.


IHU has access to world class academics from business, technology sciences and humanities.

In the following diagram, you may see the expertise areas covered by the IHU’s academic staff. If the area you're interested in isn't featured here, please contact us to talk about your requirements

The areas are the following:


The IHU welcomes all industry partners who seek new applicable solutions, and who share the entrepreneurial spirit that brings new ideas to life.

Together, the IHU and the industry can significantly contribute towards creating new knowledge, new leaders and meet the challenges of a constantly changing global environment.

The Business Gateway offers business organizations the opportunity to collaborate and network with our staff, students and alumni. Companies can sign up to create their profile and post a job position, an internship or even post queries for collaboration. In this way, employers can easily locate and reach the right candidates for their vacancies.